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Testimonies of Hometown Clients!

A. Moore, Lansing MI
"Courteous, professional guidance and service"
B. Willis, Imlay City MI
"Helped greatly with my elbow pain, my therapist was a good listener and helpful"
M. Davis, Imlay City MI
"Really gave their best, I was amazed at how fast I came along in just two months time.  My Therapist and Nurse was always on time as well as caring.  We got along so well, I would recommend Hometown's services to everyone"
J. Bogert, Brown City MI
"My Hometown Nurse and Therapist was so friendly and they gave comfort in making you feel relaxed and wanting to get bak on my feet.  I can't tell you enough about the Hometown's staff they were great and I thank God to have had them!"
C. Martin, Lapeer MI

"Hometown's Therapist gave me the exercises and guidance to get me into better shape then before my hip surgery.  They were friendly and professional"

L. Stein, Dryden MI

"I thank God for Hometown's Private Duty Nurses.  They cared for my husband until his passing, 24/7.  They were kind and wonderful nurses.  I was never "uncovered" for staffing, they always had plenty of back-up nurses.  I've never met such a caring company."

J. Pash, Capac MI

"Caring, persistant, good Therapists!  They brought me a long way.  The owner of Hometown was the most caring professional of all!"

A. Jurva, Pontiac MI
"The Therapist was very nice and made my neck feel much better after therapy"
A. Smith, Lapeer MI

"Friendly, fun, Therapists made it easy to go the distance"

J. Tepper, Lake Orion MI

"The Therapist showed me the correct way to use my walker, go up and down steps, and get up and down out of my chair.  She gave me exercises to do and was very friendly and encouraging.  She was very flexible in making appointment times"

G. Manke, Brown City MI

"Best private duty services I have ever had for my son!  Best Certified Nurses Aide around.  She is now part of the family!"

B. Johnson, Metamora MI

"Hometown's Nurses made sure I stayed healthy so that I could have my surgery"

B. Martin, Metamora MI

"Caring, professional and punctual staff.  Very conscientious and careful not to overlook anything"

G. Byers, North Branch MI

"The best, most caring Wound Care Nurse around!  Healed me right up!"

J. Watz, Lum MI

"The nurses came out 3-4 times a week to care for my wife after her surgery. SIMPLY THE BEST!"

A Lapeer Orthopedic Doctor

"I won't use any other company!  I am sure they will get the best, most professional care with Hometown Home Health Care!"

*All testimonies above were written statements sent back to Hometown Home Health Care on our follow up quality assurance form.