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Free CPR/FA/Bloodborne Pathogen's for you and your staff. (Keep them Certified, or Certify your new staff you have hired.)

Free State Approved Contact Hours towards your license.

AFC, ALF, ILF: Down on residents? Did you know Hometown can assist you with marketing your facility? Making Brochures and/or WebPages are also done for you if you choose. We are out there every day, let us pass out your information! We also can let our callers know your name when they call for information on an needing placement for their loved one.

Want to market an in-house physical therapy clinic? With Hometown you can! We could
keep your residents from needing a hospital / nursing home!

Free Evaluations for fall risk. Done by a PT.

Free Exercise class for your seniors. Done by a PT / PTA. They will evaluate during the class and let you know if there is a decline in your residents.

Free Blood Draw's when Doctor orders. PT/INR done with a new Monitor that just does a simple finger pick for results.